Company Policy

Company Policy

会社方針 We realize richness and dreams through sound business activities.
・As a company, we develop each other with respects for each other.

CEO Message

Pursuing the value of "Wrapping" which is friendly to people and the environment.

 Due to the rapid change in global economic and social environments, customer needs are diversifying. As a result, the needs of society are changing in various ways. Even in packages that are usually used, safety, usability, beauty and such are also demanded. We accurately grasp the needs of the times in various fields and develop products to provide, not only general packaging materials but also combined packaging materials that can offer various functions. In order to respond to the society that is changing everyday, we emphasize communication with customers more than ever, and we will pursue our mission to provide "high-quality products, information and services" by our know-how and networks. We will respond to the trust from "society" and "customers". We look forward to your continuous guidance and encouragement.

                                   Mikio Ishii, CEO